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Luxury Wooden Gift Boxes

Our wooden gift boxes make your gifts more luxurious with Greece flavors.

All treasures of Greek land in a unique composition
£151.62 excluding shipping
Barbeque Lover’s Gift Set. Get ready to receive all those compliments to the chef
£73.42 excluding shipping
Luxury Organic Honey Gift Set Limited Edition. If you are searching for thoughtful and tasty gourmet gifts, look no further
£102.82 excluding shipping
Filled with luxurious bath & body products with 100% Greek Natural and Organic Ingredients
£110.27 excluding shipping
It’s a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With extremely high natural levels of polyphenols, our olive oil works to promote a wealth of health benefits towards; Oxidative Stress, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Bone problems and the general Ageing of the body
£82.61 excluding shipping
equates to £151.82 per 1 lt
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