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Recurring Orders

Our system is capable of recurring orders for our clients.

An example of how this works is when a customer purchases a product with a monthly cycle type, the system will setup an order, which recurs every month and automatically uses the customer's credit card details to process subsequent payments. If a customer purchases products with different Cycle Types then the system will create a recurring order for each cycle.

How order works

To explain how the recurring orders works for our customers, consider a case where you have an order with an invoice date of 1/Sep/14 and it's set on monthly recurring.

Recurring orders are always recurred 7 days before the next invoice date. So on the 7/Sep/14, the next invoice will be created which will have a 1/Oct/14 invoice date.

Pay as You Go

You'll be charged for each order only when the item is shipped. The amount charged each time will reflect the price of the item on the day the order is processed less the Subscribe & Save discount, plus any applicable sales tax. Pay only for orders that have shipped. A credit card is required for Subscribe & Save orders.

What Happens If a Payment for a Recurring Order Fails?

If a payment fails you will receive a notification via email about the order that has failed. The system will not automatically cancel the recurring order leaving it up to the site administrator to follow-up with the customer to maintain the recurring order. If the customer wishes to cancel then you can follow the "Disabling Recurring Orders".

Cancel at Any Time
There are no commitments. Cancel your subscription anytime, online, 24 hours a day. Use the Create Message, which can be found in your Orders on your Account Page or send us email.

Note: Disabling recurrence will not disable charges on the invoices, which have already been raised. This will simply disable the further creation of invoices. 

Get E-mail Reminders
Before we send your next order, we will send you an e-mail letting you know your order will be processed soon, giving you time to make updates to your subscription as necessary.

Supported payment gateways

Recurring Billing on the system is only supported by specific payment gateways.

The gateways which currently support recurring billing are -