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Ember & Bloom

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Apollo's Harmony - Scented Candle Jar Inspired by Greek Mythology

Unleash your inner musician and immerse yourself in the harmonious melodies of Apollo, the Greek god of music, with this exquisite scented candle jar crafted from high-quality vegan soy wax and infused with a captivating blend of floral and citrusy notes.
€40.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Naxos Breeze 100ml Reed Diffuser: Capture the Essence of the Greek Isles

Naxos Breeze isn't just a fragrance, it's an escape. Breathe in the rich, spicy aroma of a masquerade ball - exotic woods, heady labdanum, and uplifting frankincense. Earthy, woody, sweet, and citrusy, it's a complex dance for your senses. Close your eyes and feel the magic of the Greek Isles, right in your home.
€22.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €220.00 per 1 lt

Soy Wax Melts Apple Cinnamon 70g

Elevating your space beyond mere fragrance, these melts are formulated with 100% natural soy wax and the finest essential oils, ensuring a clean burn and a luxurious olfactory journey. Each melt is hand-poured with meticulous care, reflecting Elenianna's commitment to uncompromising quality and sophistication.
€5.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €71.43 per 1 kg(s)

Soy Wax Melts Blueberry & Vanilla 70g

Awaken your senses to an unparalleled olfactory escape with Elenianna Luxury's Soy Wax Melts in Blueberry & Vanilla. Crafted from the finest natural soy wax and infused with captivating fragrances, these melts elevate your home ambiance to a realm of exquisite indulgence.
€5.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €71.43 per 1 kg(s)

Ceramic Essential Oil Burner with Tea Light Holder - Aromatherapy for Your Home

Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your home with this ceramic oil burner and wax warmer. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or scented wax to the bowl and light a tea light below. The heat from the tea light will warm the oil or wax, releasing its fragrance into the air. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and create a calm and relaxing space in your home.
€30.00 excl tax excluding shipping